Sa Pagtahak, 4-song EP on June 26

Sa Pagtahak, 4-song EP on June 26

Yes we are coming out with an EP on June 26!

Sa Pagtahak

As the band tread on its path to creating music that continue to challenge the status quo, we present to you a collection of four songs very memorable for Pordalab. In these challenging times, these songs serve as a personal reminder and beacon for the band to continue marching onward.

Cover Art Story

Sa Pagtahak’s cover art is rendered by Pordalab’s drummer Pedro Magat with cardboard cut outs and inspired the imagery of the 1902 French adventure short film Le Voyage dans la Lune (A Trip to the Moon) directed by Georges Méliès. Followers of the film describe it as having an anti-imperialist theme marked with a comic take on colonialists trying to take over the moon. Inversely, Pordalab’s challenging voyage in music is a continuous solidarity with freedom loving people against oppression. We tread a path warmed with unity and struggle.

But before we had the final one, we had these draft(s).

Sa Pagtahak EP comes out June 26

These songs were performed and recorded by Pordalab with the special participation of Yohi (Makibaka), composed by Karl Ramirez, Arlyn Dela Cruz (parts of the lyrics of Magtanong Mag-usisa), Yohi (parts of Makibaka), and Tony Palis (parts of the lyrics of Makibaka and inspiration for the guitar solo) and recorded at CStudio.

Sa Pagtahak

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for helping complete and distribute this EP. So yes, hope you can support it when it comes on June 26.

Believe Digital Distribution
Tony Palis, Yohi, Arlyn Dela Cruz
Jaime Hernandez
Sabrina Manansala
John Leyson
Marion Ramirez
Det Neri
Oxfam Philippines
Tuklas Innovation Labs
Baybayin Buhayin
DDC Music
Musika Publiko
SQOE Guitars Philippines

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