Download Baybayin Buhayin song for free!

Download Baybayin Buhayin song for free!

Yup you read it right! You can download Baybayin Buhayin, this new song we’ve just collaborated on, right here at our website for free. Click on the download link below!

Pordalab band launches song for Baybayin conference

The advocacy to use our country’s native form of writing has indeed gathered a broad following. This time from a band that advocates socially relevant Filipino music: the band Pordalab.

Written and sung by Karl Ramirez and Boogs Villareal and performed with musicians Burn Belacho and Yohan “Yohi” Palis, the song Baybayin Buhayin is one fun and beautiful tune encouraging people to study and use native Filipino scripts such as Baybayin.

The song was recorded at the CStudio, produced by the Pordalab Creative Collective in cooperation with Musika Publiko and Baybayin Buhayin.

In the past years, the band has been in collaboration with designers incorporating the use of the script into their band logo and some music videos.

In time for the Baybayin Summit 2.0, this is the music collective’s contribution to the advocacy for the use of Baybayin and other native forms of writing in the country.

The song is free to use and download for educational and non-commercial use. Also available in commercial music platforms and digital distribution sites.

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