Migbayu na ka, baby

Migbayu na ka, baby

Boogs was featured in an original Kapampangan song by Mernuts and a music video directed by Jason Laxamana in 2014. Watch! She by the way is also the girl called Saivitri.

Mernuts feat. Saivitri

Percussion: Riki Lopez
Violin: Vince Laguna
Lyrics/Music: Jhaye Cura, Chao Chua
Producer: Jason Paul Laxamana
Language: Kapampangan

Recorded @ Point Bee Multimedia, Quezon City

Music Video
Director/DOP/Editor: Jason Paul Laxamana
Cast: Nash Ang, Janna Tiangco
Korea Unit: Nash Ang, Hanseok Ong
Assistant Director: Tin Velasco, Reign Datu
Additional shots: Emmanuel Liwanag

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