Maraming Salamat!

It was the quarter leading to February 2016 when Pordalab got organized and started jamming, arranging and recording music, and finally flexed muscle by performing songs that are now part of the Puso at Bayan album. Since then, Pordalab has been more than the band members performing on stage and the wonderful support and management team.

We are thankful for the supportive community who listens and wholeheartedly sing the songs we passionately make. We are thankful for the support you've been showering on the band in various ways. Thank you for joining us and other musikos in advancing socially relevant music.

Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat! We hope you can continue to support this musical journey as we continue to surge forward.

And because we are celebrating, we are sharing the Puso at Bayan album for FREE to everyone who can access this post from the official Pordalab website. Enjoy!

The songs in Pordalab's Puso at Bayan album are mostly composed by Karl Ramirez. Panata is an adaptation of Ali Ariesgado's Panata at Pag-ibig arranged by Karl Ramirez and Pordalab for journalist-director Arlyn Dela Cruz film Tibak. Panata was awarded the Best Indie Movie Song Award in the 33rd PMPC Star Awards. The album artwork is a sketch by Toto Madayag and the Baybayin font we have been using is by Kristian Kabuay.

Special thanks to our website hosting and to our past band members who have always been supportive and which we always will consider as family: bassists Jason Legaspi and Choi Carretero!

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You can help us continue producing music by buying copies of Puso at Bayan from commercial music distribution channels.

Get It Free

We truly believe in sharing Pordalab's music to everyone who wish to listen to it and we appreciate each and everyone's support allowing us to continue producing music that inspire people to love, care more, make a stand, and struggle for better conditions. Maraming salamat and enjoy!